'Solar Dance' 1/5


'Solar Dance' 2/5


'Solar Dance' 3/5

This body of work was commissioned by Wakefield Council to be exhibited alongside Luke Jerram’s Museum of The Moon in Wakefield August/September 2019.

‘Solar Dance’ is a series of hand printed solarised darkroom prints which not only engage with the anniversary of the moon landing, but also with Wakefield’s mining history and the city as a creative hub. Working with a small group of dancers from CAPA College, the black and white photographs capture the dancers mid motion, with our now unused mine site as the backdrop. The desolate space acts as a lunar landscape for the girls to perform in, contorting their bodies and defying gravity in their movements.

The work has become a celebration of a forgotten industry, shown through a forgotten artistic craft – coming together to create artwork which encompasses all the beauty and bleakness of our grey marble.

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