Fun and Games - Print at Home Zine

Fun and Games is the name of this zine, it's also the name of this project.

In April 2020 I began making photographs from the confines of my small flat in Wakefield, documenting a relentless search for amusement during the pandemic. 

This project is a way to share these photographs with others at no or very little cost. The imagery is condensed into a zine format, which is available below for people to download and produce at home, taking control of the print element.

With digital technologies and the internet dominating the way we view art and design content right now, I wanted to offer up the physicality of print in its most organic and DIY form, creating what is essentially a collaborative library. 

By participating in the creation and ownership of this zine you are contributing to this growing library and at a time when social injustice has never been as rife, you're familiarising yourself with the process of producing a zine - your best friend is times like these.

To own a copy of Fun and Games and to participate in a collaborative library of the zine, download the appropriate files below and use the hashtag #funandgameszine on instagram to share your copy. 

Please find instructions here

Downloads for double sided printers:

Fun and Games Body  

Fun and Games - Cover

Downloads for single sided printers:



Fun and Games Cover

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